materialist Definition

  • 1a person who believes that material possessions and physical comfort are more important than spiritual values
  • 2a person who is excessively concerned with material possessions and wealth

Using materialist: Examples

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    He was a materialist who believed that money could buy happiness.

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    The materialist lifestyle of the rich and famous is often criticized.

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    She was accused of being a materialist because of her obsession with designer clothes.

materialist Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with materialist

  • a Marxist theory that emphasizes the importance of material conditions in shaping society and history


    The concept of dialectical materialism is central to Marxist philosophy.

  • a Marxist theory that explains social phenomena as the result of economic and historical forces


    Historical materialism is a key component of Marxist thought.

  • the belief that everything can be explained by natural causes and laws, without the need for supernatural or spiritual explanations


    Scientific materialism is a fundamental principle of modern science.

Origins of materialist

from French 'matérialiste', from Latin 'materia' meaning 'matter'


Summary: materialist in Brief

A 'materialist' [məˈtɪərɪəlɪst] is someone who prioritizes material possessions and physical comfort over spiritual values. It can also refer to someone who is excessively concerned with wealth and possessions. Examples include 'He was a materialist who believed that money could buy happiness.' 'Materialist' has specific meanings in Marxist theory, such as 'dialectical materialism' and 'historical materialism.'