merged Definition

  • 1combined or united into a single entity
  • 2blended together harmoniously

Using merged: Examples

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  • Example

    The two companies merged to form a larger corporation.

  • Example

    The colors of the painting were merged together beautifully.

  • Example

    The rivers merged into one large stream.

  • Example

    The two styles of music were merged to create a unique sound.

merged Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with merged

  • to combine or unite with something else


    The small company merged with a larger corporation to expand their business.

  • to blend or flow together to become one


    The two rivers merge into one large stream.

  • to come together from different sources to form something new


    The new style of music merged out of a combination of different genres.


Summary: merged in Brief

The term 'merged' [mɜːdʒd] refers to things that have been combined or united into a single entity, such as two companies merging to form a larger corporation or two rivers merging into one large stream. It can also refer to things that have been blended together harmoniously, like the colors of a painting. The phrase 'merge with' means to combine or unite with something else.