misemploy Definition

  • 1to use something or someone in a way that is not appropriate or effective
  • 2to misuse

Using misemploy: Examples

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  • Example

    He was accused of misemploying company funds for personal expenses.

  • Example

    The teacher was criticized for misemploying class time on irrelevant topics.

  • Example

    She misemployed her talents by working in a job she didn't enjoy.

misemploy Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for misemploy

Phrases with misemploy

  • the act of using funds inappropriately or illegally


    The politician was charged with misemployment of funds from his campaign.

  • misemployment of resources

    the act of using resources in an ineffective or inefficient manner


    The company was criticized for the misemployment of resources in their production process.

  • the act of using time in an unproductive or wasteful manner


    The manager was reprimanded for the misemployment of time during work hours.

Origins of misemploy

from mis- 'wrongly' + employ 'use'


Summary: misemploy in Brief

'Misemploy' [ˌmɪsɪmˈplɔɪ] means to use something or someone in an inappropriate or ineffective way, often resulting in negative consequences. It can refer to the misuse of funds, resources, or time, as in 'He was accused of misemploying company funds for personal expenses.' Synonyms include 'misuse' and 'abuse,' while informal equivalents are 'mess up' and 'screw up.'