negatively Definition

  • 1in a way that shows or expresses the opposite of approval or agreement
  • 2in a way that has a harmful or bad effect

Using negatively: Examples

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    The proposal was negatively received by the board members.

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    The company's profits were impacted negatively by the pandemic.

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    She reacted negatively to the news of her demotion.

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Summary: negatively in Brief

'Negatively' [ˈneɡətɪvli] means in a way that shows disapproval or has a harmful effect. It is often used to describe reactions to proposals or news, as in 'She reacted negatively to the news of her demotion.' 'Negatively' can be replaced with synonyms like 'adversely' and 'unfavorably,' and it has no idiomatic or phrasal usage.

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