[non-kuh n-sek-yuh-tiv]

nonconsecutive Definition

  • 1not following one another in order or sequence
  • 2not consecutive

Using nonconsecutive: Examples

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  • Example

    The team won three nonconsecutive games.

  • Example

    The nonconsecutive days off made it difficult to get into a routine.

  • Example

    The book chapters are arranged in a nonconsecutive order.

nonconsecutive Synonyms and Antonyms

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Summary: nonconsecutive in Brief

'Nonconsecutive' [non-kuh n-sek-yuh-tiv] means not following one another in order or sequence. It is often used to describe events, days off, or book chapters that are not arranged in a continuous or sequential order. Synonyms include 'discontinuous,' 'intermittent,' and 'sporadic.' Antonyms include 'consecutive,' 'continuous,' and 'sequential.'