nonrepresentational Definition

  • 1not representing or depicting an object or figure in a recognizable way
  • 2not based on external reality or nature

Using nonrepresentational: Examples

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    The painting was nonrepresentational, with no discernible objects or figures.

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    Her poetry is often nonrepresentational, focusing on emotions and sensations rather than concrete images.

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    The dance performance was nonrepresentational, with movements that did not mimic real-life actions.

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Summary: nonrepresentational in Brief

The term 'nonrepresentational' [non-rep-ri-zen-tey-shuh-nl] refers to something that does not represent or depict an object or figure in a recognizable way. It is often used to describe abstract art or other works that are not based on external reality or nature. Examples include nonrepresentational paintings, poetry, and dance performances.