null Definition

  • 1having no legal or binding force; invalid
  • 2having a value of zero; not existing or being present

Using null: Examples

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  • Example

    The contract was declared null and void.

  • Example

    The result of the experiment was null.

  • Example

    The room was null of any furniture.

  • Example

    The argument was null because it was based on false premises.

null Synonyms and Antonyms

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Summary: null in Brief

The term 'null' [nʌl] refers to something that has no legal or binding force, or has a value of zero and does not exist or is not present. It can be used to describe contracts, experimental results, rooms, and arguments. Synonyms include 'void,' 'invalid,' 'nonexistent,' 'zero,' and 'empty.' Antonyms include 'valid,' 'existing,' 'present,' and 'full.'

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