offered Definition

  • 1present or proffer (something) for (someone) to accept or reject as desired
  • 2provide (access or opportunity)
  • 3put oneself forward bravely or presumptuously, especially by making advances or suggestions

Using offered: Examples

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  • Example

    He offered me a cup of tea.

  • Example

    The company offered him a job.

  • Example

    She offered to help me with my homework.

  • Example

    I offered to pay for the meal.

offered Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with offered

  • offer up

    to give something as a sacrifice or offering


    They offered up their prayers to the gods.

  • to volunteer oneself for something, often in a brave or selfless way


    He offered himself up as a hostage to save his friends.

  • offer one's condolences

    to express sympathy or sorrow to someone who has experienced a loss


    I offered my condolences to her when I heard about her father's passing.


Summary: offered in Brief

The verb 'offered' [ˈɒfəd] means to present or provide something for acceptance or rejection, or to put oneself forward. It can be used in various contexts, such as offering a job, help, or condolences. The phrase 'offer up' refers to giving something as a sacrifice or offering, while 'offer oneself up' means to volunteer oneself in a brave or selfless way.

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