overprice Definition

  • 1to price something too high
  • 2a price that is too high

Using overprice: Examples

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  • Example

    The store overpriced the new product.

  • Example

    I think the house is overpriced.

  • Example

    The restaurant's menu is overpriced for the quality of food they serve.

overprice Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with overprice

  • a market where prices are too high compared to the actual value of goods or services


    The housing market in this area is an overpriced market.

  • a ticket for an event or attraction that is priced too high


    I wanted to go to the concert, but the tickets were overpriced.

  • an item that is priced too high compared to its actual value


    I found a nice dress, but it was overpriced for its quality.


Summary: overprice in Brief

'Overprice' [oh-ver-prahys] means to price something too high or a price that is too high. It is often used to describe products, services, or properties that are not worth their cost. Examples include 'The store overpriced the new product.' and 'The restaurant's menu is overpriced for the quality of food they serve.' Synonyms include 'inflate,' 'hike up,' and 'mark up.'