pacified Definition

  • 1to bring peace or calm to a situation or person
  • 2to subdue or quell by the use of force

Using pacified: Examples

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  • Example

    The teacher pacified the students by giving them extra recess time.

  • Example

    The police pacified the rioters with tear gas and rubber bullets.

  • Example

    She tried to pacify her crying baby by rocking him gently.

  • Example

    He pacified his angry girlfriend by apologizing for his mistake.

pacified Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for pacified

Phrases with pacified

  • pacify one's conscience

    to ease one's guilt or remorse


    He donated money to charity to pacify his conscience after cheating on his taxes.

  • to bring peace and stability to a country or region


    The United Nations sent peacekeeping troops to pacify the war-torn region.

  • to calm down or appease an adversary


    The diplomat tried to pacify the hostile leader by offering concessions.


Summary: pacified in Brief

The verb 'pacified' [ˈpæsɪfaɪd] means to bring peace or calm to a situation or person, or to subdue or quell by force. It can be used in various contexts, such as calming down students or a crying baby, or subduing rioters. Phrases like 'pacify one's conscience' and 'pacify a nation' extend its meaning to easing guilt or bringing peace to a country. Its synonyms include 'appeased', 'calmed', and 'soothed'.