parenteral Definition

  • 1administered or occurring elsewhere in the body than the mouth and alimentary canal
  • 2relating to or involving injection of a drug or other substance into the body by some means other than through the digestive tract

Using parenteral: Examples

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    Parenteral nutrition is often used for patients who cannot eat normally.

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    The medication can be administered parenterally or orally.

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    Parenteral drug administration bypasses the digestive system and delivers the drug directly into the bloodstream.

parenteral Synonyms and Antonyms

Origins of parenteral

from Greek 'para', meaning 'beside' + 'enteron', meaning 'intestine'


Summary: parenteral in Brief

'Parenteral' [puh-ren-ter-uhl] refers to medical treatments that are administered or occur outside of the mouth and digestive system. This includes injections and intravenous treatments, such as 'Parenteral nutrition is often used for patients who cannot eat normally.' The term is often used in contrast to oral treatments, and is related to the Greek words for 'beside' and 'intestine.'