passivity Definition

  • 1acceptance of what happens, without active response or resistance
  • 2lack of activity or energy

Using passivity: Examples

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    The passivity of the audience was surprising.

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    The government's passivity in dealing with the crisis was criticized.

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    Her passivity in the face of injustice was disheartening.

passivity Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with passivity

  • a nonviolent method of protest against a particular issue or policy, often involving civil disobedience or other forms of noncooperation


    Gandhi's passive resistance movement was instrumental in India's independence from British rule.

  • the inhalation of smoke from other people's cigarettes, cigars, or pipes


    Passive smoking can cause serious health problems, including lung cancer and heart disease.

  • income that is earned without active involvement or effort, such as from investments or rental properties


    Many people strive to create passive income streams to supplement their regular income.


Summary: passivity in Brief

The term 'passivity' [pæˈsɪvəti] refers to acceptance of what happens without active response or resistance, or lack of activity or energy. It can be exemplified by 'The passivity of the audience was surprising.' 'Passivity' extends into phrases like 'passive resistance,' denoting nonviolent protest, and 'passive smoking,' referring to inhaling smoke from others' cigarettes. Antonyms include 'activity' and 'initiative.'