peacemaker Definition

a person who brings about peace, especially by reconciling adversaries.

Using peacemaker: Examples

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    The United Nations sent a team of peacemakers to the region.

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    She acted as a peacemaker between the two feuding families.

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    He was known for his role as a peacemaker in the community.

peacemaker Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with peacemaker

  • to reconcile or resolve differences between two parties


    After years of conflict, the two countries finally agreed to make peace.

  • hold one's peace

    to remain silent and not speak up about something


    Despite her strong objections, she decided to hold her peace and let the decision be made without her input.

  • a state of calm and tranquility, free from disturbance or interruption


    I love coming to this park because it's always so peaceful and quiet.


Summary: peacemaker in Brief

A 'peacemaker' [ˈpiːsˌmeɪkər] is someone who brings about peace, often by reconciling adversaries. It can refer to individuals or groups, such as the United Nations sending a team of peacemakers to a region. Phrases like 'make peace' and 'hold one's peace' are related to the concept of peacemaking.