recyclable Definition

able to be recycled, or suitable for recycling.

Using recyclable: Examples

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    This plastic bottle is recyclable.

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    The company uses recyclable materials in their products.

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    Please put all recyclable items in the blue bin.

recyclable Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for recyclable

Antonyms for recyclable

  • nonrecyclable
  • unrecyclable

Summary: recyclable in Brief

The term 'recyclable' [rɪˈsaɪkləbl] refers to objects that can be reused after processing. It is often used in the context of environmentalism and waste reduction, as in 'Please put all recyclable items in the blue bin.' 'Recyclable' is an adjective synonymous with 'reusable,' 'reclaimable,' and 'recoverable.'

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