regrettably Definition

  • 1unfortunately
  • 2sadly
  • 3in a way that causes regret

Using regrettably: Examples

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  • Example

    Regrettably, we cannot offer you the job at this time.

  • Example

    Regrettably, the concert has been cancelled due to bad weather.

  • Example

    Regrettably, I forgot to bring my passport with me.

  • Example

    Regrettably, the company had to lay off several employees.

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Summary: regrettably in Brief

The adverb 'regrettably' [ri-gret-uh-bly] means 'unfortunately' or 'sadly', and is used to express disappointment or regret. It is often used in formal contexts such as business or official correspondence, as in 'Regrettably, we cannot offer you the job at this time.'