releasing Definition

  • 1allowing something to move, act, or flow freely by removing an obstacle or constraint
  • 2making something available for publication, sale, or distribution
  • 3allowing someone to leave a place or situation

Using releasing: Examples

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  • Example

    The company is releasing a new product next month.

  • Example

    The prisoner was released from jail after serving his sentence.

  • Example

    She is releasing her new album next week.

  • Example

    The government is releasing funds for the project.

releasing Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for releasing

Antonyms for releasing

Phrases with releasing

  • to reduce or eliminate stress or anxiety


    Taking a walk can help release the tension and clear your mind.

  • to unleash something powerful or destructive


    The team decided to release the kraken and go all out in the final game of the season.

  • release the hounds

    to set loose or unleash dogs on someone or something


    The security guard threatened to release the hounds if the intruder didn't leave immediately.


Summary: releasing in Brief

The verb 'releasing' [rɪˈliːsɪŋ] refers to allowing something to move or flow freely, making something available for publication or distribution, or allowing someone to leave a place or situation. It has synonyms like 'freeing,' 'liberating,' and 'unleashing,' and antonyms like 'holding,' 'restraining,' and 'confining.' Phrases like 'release the tension' and 'release the kraken' extend its meaning to reducing stress or unleashing something powerful.