repelled Definition

  • 1to push away or drive back
  • 2to cause dislike or disgust in someone

Using repelled: Examples

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  • Example

    The smell of the garbage repelled me.

  • Example

    The idea of eating snails repels me.

  • Example

    The repellent smell of the skunk made us run away.

  • Example

    The repellent force of the magnets kept them apart.

repelled Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for repelled

Phrases with repelled

  • repel someone's advances

    to reject someone's romantic or sexual interest


    She had to repel his advances several times before he finally got the message.

  • repel boarders

    to fight off attackers who are trying to board a ship


    The pirates tried to board the ship, but the crew was able to repel them.

  • water-repellent

    not allowing water to pass through


    This jacket is water-repellent, so you won't get wet in the rain.


Summary: repelled in Brief

The verb 'repelled' [ri-peld] means to push away or cause dislike or disgust. It can be used in various contexts, such as repelling someone's advances, repelling boarders, or water-repellent materials. Examples include 'The smell of the garbage repelled me.' and 'The repellent force of the magnets kept them apart.' Synonyms include disgusted, revolted, and displeased, while antonyms include attracted, allured, and fascinated.