respectfully Definition

in a way that shows polite and considerate regard for someone or something.

Using respectfully: Examples

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    He respectfully declined the offer.

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    I respectfully disagree with your opinion.

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    She spoke respectfully to her elders.

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    The soldiers stood at attention, respectfully waiting for their commander.

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Summary: respectfully in Brief

'Respectfully' [rɪˈspɛktfəli] is an adverb used to indicate polite and considerate regard for someone or something. It is often used in formal situations, such as when declining an offer or disagreeing with someone's opinion. It can also be used to describe how someone speaks to their elders or superiors, as in 'She spoke respectfully to her elders.' Synonyms include 'courteously' and 'deferentially,' while antonyms include 'disrespectfully' and 'rudely.'