restored Definition

  • 1to bring back to a former or original condition, especially after damage or decay
  • 2to give back (something taken away, lost, etc.) to its proper owner or recipient
  • 3to reestablish or renew (a friendship, relationship, etc.)

Using restored: Examples

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  • Example

    The old house was restored to its former glory.

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    The stolen painting was finally restored to the museum.

  • Example

    After their argument, they worked hard to restore their friendship.

restored Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with restored

  • to bring back a sense of calm and control to a chaotic situation


    The police were called in to restore order after the riot broke out.

  • to renew one's confidence or trust in something or someone


    The company's new CEO worked hard to restore faith in the brand after the scandal.

  • to bring back a sense of fairness or equality to a situation


    The government implemented policies to restore balance to the economy.


Summary: restored in Brief

The verb 'restored' [rɪˈstɔːd] means to bring something back to its original condition, return something to its rightful owner, or renew a relationship. Examples include restoring an old house, restoring a stolen painting to a museum, and restoring a friendship after an argument. Phrases include 'restore order,' 'restore faith,' and 'restore balance.'