splendidly Definition

  • 1in a magnificent or grand manner
  • 2in an excellent or impressive way
  • 3in a very good or enjoyable way

Using splendidly: Examples

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  • Example

    The party was splendidly organized.

  • Example

    She played the piano splendidly.

  • Example

    The hotel is splendidly located on the beach.

  • Example

    The new restaurant serves splendidly cooked food.

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Summary: splendidly in Brief

The adverb 'splendidly' [ˈsplɛndɪdli] means in a magnificent, grand, excellent, impressive, or enjoyable way. It is used to describe events, performances, and locations that are of high quality or that are very enjoyable. For example, 'The party was splendidly organized,' or 'She played the piano splendidly.'