spontaneity Definition

the quality of being spontaneous; spontaneous behavior or action.

Using spontaneity: Examples

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    The best moments in life are often those that happen with spontaneity.

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    He decided to take a spontaneous trip to the beach.

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    Her speech was full of spontaneity and humor.

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    The artist's work is characterized by its spontaneity and energy.

spontaneity Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with spontaneity

  • the ignition of a substance without the application of an external heat source


    The pile of oily rags underwent spontaneous combustion and caught fire.

  • the supposed production of living organisms from nonliving matter, as inferred from the apparent appearance of life in some supposedly sterile environments


    The theory of spontaneous generation has been disproven by modern science.

  • the emergence of order out of seeming chaos without the aid of a central organizing authority


    The market economy is an example of a spontaneous order.

Origins of spontaneity

from Latin 'spontaneus', meaning 'voluntary'


Summary: spontaneity in Brief

The term 'spontaneity' [ˌspɒntəˈneɪəti] refers to the quality of being spontaneous, characterized by naturalness and uninhibitedness. It is exemplified by actions like taking a spontaneous trip to the beach or giving a speech full of humor and spontaneity. 'Spontaneity' extends into phrases like 'spontaneous combustion,' denoting ignition without an external heat source, and 'spontaneous order,' referring to the emergence of order without a central organizing authority.