substantiating Definition

  • 1proving or providing evidence to support a claim or statement
  • 2validating or confirming the truth or accuracy of something

Using substantiating: Examples

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  • Example

    The lawyer presented documents substantiating his client's innocence.

  • Example

    The study aims to substantiate the hypothesis that exercise improves mental health.

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    The witness testimony was crucial in substantiating the prosecution's case.

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Summary: substantiating in Brief

Substantiating [səbˈstanʃieɪtɪŋ] means proving or providing evidence to support a claim or statement. It is often used in legal or academic contexts, such as presenting documents to support a case or validating a hypothesis through research. Synonyms include 'confirming' and 'validating,' while antonyms include 'refuting' and 'disproving.'