suppression Definition

  • 1the act of preventing something from being expressed or revealed
  • 2the act of ending or stopping something by force
  • 3the act of reducing or eliminating something

Using suppression: Examples

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  • Example

    The suppression of free speech is a violation of human rights.

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    The government's suppression of the rebellion was brutal.

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    The suppression of emotions can lead to psychological problems.

suppression Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with suppression

  • suppress evidence

    to prevent evidence from being used in a trial or investigation


    The defense attorney tried to suppress the evidence, but the judge denied the motion.

  • suppress a laugh

    to try not to laugh or to keep oneself from laughing


    I had to suppress a laugh when I saw his ridiculous outfit.

  • suppress appetite

    to reduce or eliminate feelings of hunger


    Some weight loss supplements claim to suppress appetite and reduce cravings.


Summary: suppression in Brief

Suppression [səˈpreʃən] refers to the act of preventing, ending, or reducing something. It can refer to the prevention of expression or revelation, as in 'The suppression of free speech is a violation of human rights.' It can also refer to the use of force to end something, as in 'The government's suppression of the rebellion was brutal.' In addition, it can refer to the reduction or elimination of something, such as emotions or appetite.