tags Definition

  • 1a label attached to someone or something for the purpose of identification or to give other information
  • 2a keyword or term assigned to a piece of information, such as an internet bookmark, to aid in classification and retrieval

Using tags: Examples

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with how "tags" can be used in various situations through the following examples!

  • Example

    The tags on the clothing show the size and care instructions.

  • Example

    I use tags to organize my emails and bookmarks.

  • Example

    Hashtags are a type of tag used on social media to categorize posts.

  • Example

    The luggage tags were attached to our suitcases.

tags Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with tags

  • a tag displaying a person's name, often worn at conferences or events


    Don't forget to pick up your name tag at the registration desk.

  • a tag showing the price of an item for sale


    The price tag on the shirt was too high for me.

  • a tag worn by military personnel that contains identifying information


    The soldier's dog tag helped identify him after he was injured in battle.


Summary: tags in Brief

The term 'tags' [tægz] refers to labels or keywords used to identify or classify someone or something. Examples include clothing tags, email and bookmark tags, and social media hashtags. Phrases like 'name tag' and 'price tag' denote specific types of tags, while 'dog tag' is a military identifier. 'Tags' can be formal or informal, such as 'label' or 'sticker.'