tracked Definition

  • 1to follow or monitor the progress or path of something or someone
  • 2to leave a visible mark or trail behind

Using tracked: Examples

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  • Example

    The package can be tracked online.

  • Example

    The detective tracked the suspect's movements.

  • Example

    The dog tracked mud all over the carpet.

  • Example

    The hiker tracked his route using a GPS device.

tracked Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for tracked

Phrases with tracked

  • to monitor or maintain awareness of something


    I have to keep track of my expenses to stay within my budget.

  • to forget or become unaware of something


    I lost track of time and missed my appointment.

  • in a remote or less-traveled location


    We found a charming little restaurant off the beaten track.


Summary: tracked in Brief

'Tracked' [trรฆkt] is a verb that means to follow or monitor the progress or path of something or someone, or to leave a visible mark or trail behind. It can refer to tracking a package, tracking a suspect's movements, or tracking a hiking route. Common phrases include 'keep track of,' 'lose track of,' and 'off the beaten track.'

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