uncorroborated Definition

not confirmed or supported by other evidence; unverified.

Using uncorroborated: Examples

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    The allegations against him were uncorroborated.

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    The story was based on an uncorroborated source.

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    The witness's testimony was uncorroborated by any other evidence.

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Summary: uncorroborated in Brief

The term 'uncorroborated' [ˌʌnkəˈrɒbəreɪtɪd] refers to something that is not confirmed or supported by other evidence, and therefore unverified. It is often used in legal contexts, such as when referring to allegations or testimony that lack supporting evidence. Synonyms include 'unsubstantiated' and 'unconfirmed,' while antonyms include 'corroborated' and 'substantiated.'