unexplainable Definition

not able to be explained or understood.

Using unexplainable: Examples

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    The sudden disappearance of the plane is unexplainable.

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    There was an unexplainable feeling of unease in the room.

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    The cause of his illness remains unexplainable.

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    The phenomenon is still unexplainable by science.

unexplainable Synonyms and Antonyms

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Summary: unexplainable in Brief

The term 'unexplainable' [ˌʌnɪksˈpleɪnəbl] refers to something that cannot be explained or understood. It is often used to describe mysterious or puzzling situations, as in 'The sudden disappearance of the plane is unexplainable.' 'Unexplainable' is an adjective with synonyms like 'inexplicable,' 'mysterious,' and 'puzzling.'