unprofitable Definition

  • 1not profitable; not yielding financial gain or return
  • 2not useful or helpful

Using unprofitable: Examples

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    The company's investments in that sector proved unprofitable.

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    His efforts to fix the old car were unprofitable.

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    The project was deemed unprofitable and was abandoned.

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    Her advice was unprofitable and did more harm than good.

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Summary: unprofitable in Brief

The term 'unprofitable' [ʌnˈprɒfɪtəbl] refers to something that does not yield financial gain or return, or is not useful or helpful. It is often used to describe investments, efforts, or projects that do not produce desired results, as in 'The project was deemed unprofitable and was abandoned.' 'Unprofitable' is a formal word that can be replaced by 'unremunerative.'