unruffled Definition

not disordered or disarranged; calm and composed.

Using unruffled: Examples

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    Despite the chaos around him, he remained unruffled.

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    She faced the criticism with an unruffled demeanor.

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    The lake was so still that its surface was completely unruffled.

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Summary: unruffled in Brief

The term 'unruffled' [ʌnˈrʌfəld] refers to a state of calmness and composure, often in the face of chaos or criticism. It implies a lack of agitation or disturbance, as exemplified by 'Despite the chaos around him, he remained unruffled.' 'Unruffled' is synonymous with 'calm' and 'composed,' and antonymous with 'agitated' and 'disturbed.'