unspoiled Definition

  • 1not changed or damaged by people; left in its natural state
  • 2not made less good or enjoyable; not harmed or spoiled

Using unspoiled: Examples

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    The beach was unspoiled and beautiful.

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    The unspoiled wilderness is a rare sight these days.

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    The unspoiled beauty of the countryside is breathtaking.

unspoiled Synonyms and Antonyms

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Summary: unspoiled in Brief

The term 'unspoiled' [ˌʌnˈspɔɪld] refers to something that has not been changed or damaged by people, or something that has not been made less good or enjoyable. It is often used to describe natural environments, such as beaches or wilderness areas, and can also be used to describe things that are still in their original condition. Synonyms include 'pristine', 'untouched', and 'virgin'. Antonyms include 'spoiled', 'damaged', and 'ruined'.