unsympathetic Definition

  • 1not feeling or showing concern about someone who is in a bad situation
  • 2not expressing sympathy or compassion

Using unsympathetic: Examples

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    The teacher was unsympathetic to the student's problems.

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    He had an unsympathetic attitude towards the homeless.

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    The company's unsympathetic response to the workers' demands led to a strike.

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Summary: unsympathetic in Brief

The term 'unsympathetic' [ˌʌnsɪmˈpæθətɪk] refers to a lack of concern or compassion for someone in a difficult situation. It is often used to describe people who are indifferent or unfeeling towards others, as in 'The teacher was unsympathetic to the student's problems.' 'Unsympathetic' has synonyms like 'cold' and 'uncompassionate,' and antonyms like 'sympathetic' and 'compassionate.'