vaguely Definition

  • 1in a way that is uncertain, indefinite, or unclear in meaning
  • 2in a way that is not clearly expressed or defined

Using vaguely: Examples

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  • Example

    I vaguely remember meeting him before.

  • Example

    She spoke vaguely about her future plans.

  • Example

    The instructions were vaguely worded.

  • Example

    He had a vaguely uneasy feeling.

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Summary: vaguely in Brief

The adverb 'vaguely' [ˈveɪɡli] means in an uncertain, indefinite, or unclear way. It can be used to describe a lack of clarity in meaning or expression, as in 'The instructions were vaguely worded.' 'Vaguely' can also describe a hazy memory or feeling, as in 'I vaguely remember meeting him before.'