wildly Definition

  • 1in an uncontrolled or unrestrained manner
  • 2to an extreme or exaggerated degree

Using wildly: Examples

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  • Example

    The crowd cheered wildly as the team scored a goal.

  • Example

    She was wildly excited to see her favorite band perform live.

  • Example

    The stock market fluctuated wildly throughout the day.

wildly Synonyms and Antonyms

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Summary: wildly in Brief

The adverb 'wildly' [ˈwaɪldli] describes actions that are uncontrolled, unrestrained, or extreme. It can be used to describe emotions, actions, or events, such as 'The crowd cheered wildly as the team scored a goal.' 'Wildly' is often used to emphasize the intensity of a situation or action.

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