yielded Definition

  • 1produce or provide (a natural, agricultural, or industrial product)
  • 2give way to arguments, demands, or pressure
  • 3surrender or relinquish (something)

Using yielded: Examples

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  • Example

    The farm yielded a good harvest this year.

  • Example

    The company yielded a profit of $1 million last quarter.

  • Example

    He finally yielded to their demands after hours of negotiation.

  • Example

    The suspect yielded the stolen goods to the police.

yielded Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with yielded

  • give in to a desire or urge, especially one that is considered wrong or unwise


    I couldn't resist and yielded to temptation by eating the whole cake.

  • allow another vehicle or pedestrian to proceed first in traffic


    The driver yielded the right of way to the pedestrians crossing the street.

  • high-yielding

    producing a large amount of something, especially crops or investments


    The company invested in high-yielding stocks to increase its profits.


Summary: yielded in Brief

The verb 'yielded' [ˈjiːldɪd] means to produce or provide a product, give way to arguments or pressure, or surrender something. It can be used in phrases such as 'yield to temptation' or 'yield the right of way.' 'Yielded' has formal synonyms like 'produce' and 'relinquish,' and informal synonyms like 'give up' and 'cave in.'