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What is the opposite word of "nonsense"?



The antonym for "nonsense" is sense. To say the opposite of "you're talking nonsense" would be "you're talking sense" or "you're making sense." Ex: Don't talk nonsense. That's just a rumor. Ex: The meeting went on for hours. No one was talking sense.


What's the difference between "shall" and "will"?



Generally, "shall" and "will" mean the same thing! But there are some subtle differences. While "shall" is often used in Old English, it's also commonly used in formal situations and in British English. Another difference is that while "will" can be used for 1st person (I; we), 2nd person (you), and 3rd person (he/she/they), "shall" is only used in the 1st person (I; we) unless used as a command. Ex: I shall come with you to the grocery store! Ex: Will you go with us to the grocery store? Ex: She will come with us to the grocery store. Ex: You shall go with me. => Formal command in 2nd person, slightly unnatural tone Ex: We shall prevail! => Old English

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