Raise your hand if✋, You've ordered at a Starbucks abroad

Aug 10, 2021

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In English, How would you ask for "whipping cream on your coffee”?😉

You might have said it more than hundreds of times in your mother language. But, when ordering abroad, you might start to question if 'whipping cream' is the right word and that split second of doubt might have left you with a cup of coffee without whipping cream. Here's an article for those who are relating right now.
(I mean, don't we order coffee for the whipping cream?👉👈)

🔶 Whipping Cream (X) Whipped Cream (O)

Have you ever tried pronouncing the 'h' in whipping cream to make sure it didn't sound like 'wipping cream'? However, whipping cream isn't the cream that goes on top of a drink, it's actually liquid cream, which is usually mixed in a drink! So, to get the cream that we want on top of our coffee, ask for whipped cream or foam!

Can I get some whipped cream on my drink? 👌

🔶 What's a cup holder?!

When your drink of coffee is too hot, or too cold, you might ask for a holder to protect your hand. But if you buy a drink at a Starbucks abroad, and ask for a cup holder, you might be given a weird look!🤣 The word 'cup holder' actually refers to a 'carrier' for several drinks. So when you need a holder for just your drink, Use the expression cup sleeve instead!

Can I get a cup sleeve for this? 👌

🔶 For our readers on a diet, How to ask for low-fat milk

Starbucks allows its customers to personalize their orders! In your country, you might have customized your drink with decaffeine, soy milk, etc. Pay attention if you don't know how to even change your milk to low-fat milk in English!👏 The words skinny, skimmed milk, non-fat all refer to low-fat milk. You should also keep in mind that milk can be referred to as whole milk or full fat!

One decaf(decaffeine) skinny latte, please. 👌

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