Do You Have a 'Pet'? Then Make Sure You Learn These Expressions!🐶

Nov 19, 2021

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A Better Word for 'Pet' Is ‘Companion Animal’🙆‍♀️

These days, many people think of their animals as part of their family, so less people have been using the word 'pet'. This is because the word 'pet' can include the meaning of 'owning' a pet.🤔 So instead people have been using the word 'companion animal', to mean that they 'live' with an animal instead of 'owning' it. One day, you might need to talk about puppies in English, so make sure to keep reading! Because puppies are just so cute..🤩

🏃‍♀️ My Dog Goes Nuts as Soon as I Pick Up a Leash!

Dogs that love to go out for walks will get excited and might even go crazy even if you pretend to pick up a leash! (My dog will even bite a leash and wait for me in front of the door🤣) The word 'leash' means a strap or cord for restraining and guiding a dog or other animal. The expression 'go nuts' is used as the same meaning as 'go crazy'. So, to 'go nuts' is to act in a way that is wild or out of control because of strong emotion.

🐶My Dog Goes Nuts as Soon as I Pick Up a Leash!

👀 When Should I Get My Puppy Neutered?

Imagine yourself walking your dog in a park while living abroad. Or imagine yourself talking with someone who's walking their dog. While talking with them, you might hear a word that your aren't familiar with. Most likely, it might be the word 'neutered' or 'spayed'.😅 These words have the same meaning. They refers to the removal of the reproductive organs of animals. For male animals, you use the word 'neutered', and for female animals the word 'spayed' is used.

👩‍🦰When should I get my puppy neutered?

✂️ Which Grooming Service Do You Go To?

If you have a companion animal, how to get them grommed at a good price can be a hot topic between friends who live with animals.🔥 The word 'grooming' means to trim, wash, brush, clean, etc. This word can also used for people. For example, as men started to care more about their appearance, 'man grooming' was introduced as a new trend. If you meet a dog that looks very well groomed while out on a walk, don't forget to ask this question!

Which Grooming Service Do You Go? 👌

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