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Nov 26, 2021

Causal Drinker, Social Drinkers, Let's Go Global!🍻

The Common language Might Not Be English.
Maybe Alcohol Is?

While traveling abroad, I made some friends at a local pub. I remember that my English was really good at that moment. Maybe drinking makes me better at English?🤣 From stories about drinking, to stories that can only be told while drinking. I'll give you some tips for casual and social drinking, based on my experiences while drinking with my foreign coworkers!😎

🤯 I'm Feeling Tipsy

I felt great, I wanted to get a drink, but I guess my body didn't want to. I started to feel a little drunk, even though I hadn't drank that much. I suprised my friends by saying, 'I had just a pint of beer, and I feel tipsy.' The word 'tipsy' here means slightly drunk. If you keep drinking even though you feel tipsy, then you might get really drunk. Here's an expression you might need to use the next day. 'I got so wasted.' The word waste means trash, which is probably what you might feel like after drinking too much.(?)🤣

🛌 I Drink Chocolate Milk for My Hangovers

How do you get over the after effects of a long night out drinking? Some of you might just sleep, some of you might eat or drink something. For me, chocolate milk had always helped. The word 'hangover' refers to the severe headaches or other after effects caused by drinking an excess of alcohol. If my friend says 'I am suffering from bad hangover😨', I always recommend chocolate milk. I say 'Having some chocolate milk wil sober you up.'! The expression 'sober up' means to become sober (not affected by alcohol) or less drunk.

🥃 On the Rock? Straight? What Does It Mean...?

After usually going to casual bars, I went to a rather luxurious bar for the first time. I remember panicking because I didn't know how to order.😳 If you like to drink, you might know who to properly enjoy the different types of alcohol! Here are a few options. When you'd like to get draught beer, you can ask 'Do you have any beer on tap?' The expression 'on tap' has the meaningof available for immediate use. In the case of whiskey, The expression 'on the rocks' is used to mean serving whiskey in a glass with ice to keep it cold and slightly dilute it over time. On the other hand, when you'd like your whiskey cold, but without ice, you can aks for a 'straight up'. You can also ask for it 'neat', which means not chilled, or right out of the bottle.👌


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