I Took a Wrong Lane When I Was a New Driver and Ended up in Busan...🚗

DEC 10, 2021

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How Many of These Driving English Expressions,
Do You Know?

I'm a new driver that only started to drive a few months ago. When I visited Guam in the past, I remember driving a rental car...🙄 I couldn't come up with any English expressions related to driving. So I had to do my best communicating using body language.🤣 But I was ashamed of my self, thinking how long I'd studied English. This article will help you to do better than me when driving abroad.

🔥Expressions to Use at a Gas Station

To drive a car, you need to turn on the engine, do you know the expression in English...?🤯 Don't think too hard! To turn on the engine of a car is to simply 'start one's car'. Now that you've started the car, you need to check the gas. Don't forget that the word for fuel is 'gas' not oil. If you're low on gas, you'll need to go to the 'gas station'. Lately, a lot of gas stations are self served. These are called 'self service gas stations'. On the other hand, if there's an employee to assist you, it's called a 'full service gas station'. Now, remember these four words when getting gas.

'Fill it up, please!'

🤣I was in the wrong lane so I ended up on the expressway!

Have you ever done this while driving? I have.😂 The division of a road marked off with lines are called 'lanes'. When you're in the wrong lane, you can just say, 'I was in the wrong lane.' How to say I changed to a different lane might feel more tricky, but it's even easier! Just say, 'Change the lane'. A highway designed for fast traffic, with controlled entrance and exit are called 'expressways'. Try making a sentence with these words. Here's an example!✨

'I was in the wrong lane so I ended up on the expressway!'

👥((To the person in the passenger seat) Open the Glovebox!

The passenger sitting next to the driver has many roles like helping look at the navigation and taking care of the driver like an assistant, so you might think, maybe the seat should be called the "assistant seat"? or 'supporter seat?' All kinds of words might float in your head. The proper word is actually 'passenger seat'. In front of the passenger seat, there's a storage box to keep various things needed when driving. This storage box is called a 'glovebox' or called the 'box in front of passenger seat'. But why is it called a 'glovebox'? In the past, the box was used to store gloves because the metal steering handle got cold...💡

'Open the glovebox and check there!'

Will this really help me study English?😞

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