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Jan 7, 2022

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Aren’t English interviews so nerve-racking? What kind of questions will be asked? How should I answer them...?🥲 In a tense interview atmosphere, it’s common to forget easy words like introvert and extrovert. Since you’re reading this, I guess that you have an upcoming English interview! Learn a few expressions with me so that the interviewer may think, 'This applicant speaks English well.’ You can thank me later when you remember the expressions during the interview!

STEP1. What Are Your Strengths?

Don’t forget that it isn’t a self-introduction to make friends at school, but to be selected to work for a company! Let’s stop writing simple introductions like "I'm a friendly person."🤣 I’ll teach you a great expression to use! You can say, "I have the ability to work under pressure.”, which means the ability to calmly handle a lot of work at a time. Another similar expression is 'the ability to perform to a deadline', which means the ability to handle tasks on time. If you’re great at organizing documents or schedules, you can say that you have 'organization skills'.

My strength is the ability to perform to a deadline.📆
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STEP2. Introducing Your Education and Experience

To introduce where you studied, "I studied at the University of Kiwi." To introduce your experience, "I worked for Kiwi Agency as a marketer." To be more specific, you can say, "I worked in a magazine as an intern and was promoted to a full-time position in my second year."

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STEP3. Why Do You Want to Work Here?

We applied to earn money, but now isn’t the time to be 100% honest... If you’re well prepared to answer this question, you’ll get the job in no time. I think there are 3 big categories on how to answer this question: ‘Your career’, ‘The company’s vision’, and ‘The Position’. If you’d like to emphasize your career, you can say, "I want to further my skills as a marketer." If you’d like to bring up the company’s vision, you could say, "I believe that your company will become a market leader in the industry." If your skills match the position, say, "My skill set matches your requirements and I can contribute by..."

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