Is How to Check-in and Check-out All You Know? A Complete Guide to English Used in a Hotel🏩

Jan 21, 2021

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From Reservation Inquiries to Solving Problems.
Learn These Expressions and Enjoy Your Staycation 200%

One of the places we speak English the most, but unintentionally, is probably at a hotel! If you’ve been saying just the two words check-in and check-out, please read this article!👀 Get the most out of your staycation by learning how to request your room and how to order room service.

🛏 Expressions To Use While Booking Your Room

First, we need to check if we can make a reservation. "Do you have any rooms available?" If you don’t want to use a shared bathroom, make sure to ask, "Does the room have an attached bath?" Imagine not being able to use Wi-Fi in your room.🥲 Don’t forget to ask, "Can I use the wireless internet in the room?' If all conditions are met, it's time to check the fee! "How much does it cost per day?"

Let's go check-in now!😎

🥂 How To Enjoy Everything in the Hotel

I think one of the best things about staying at a hotel is the continental breakfast! Don’t miss out by asking, "What time does breakfast start?" If you have plans to use the hotel pool, make sure to ask "What time does the pool open/close?" If you stay in your hotel room all day, you might fill up your trash can and you might need your room cleaned. Don’t panic, just say🙏

"This is room number 000, could you please send someone to clean the room?"

💦 Problems Happen

A few times my room didn’t have hot water. You can easily solve this problem by saying, "I think my room has run out of hot water. Would you please take a look?" At a different hotel, the children in the room next door were too noisy, and I couldn't sleep at night.🥲 I had to say, "Could you give me another room? The room next door is too noisy.” And of course, the most common problem, leaving your card key in the room. Don't worry. All you need to say is!

"I am locked out of my room.🤣"

Will this really help me study English?😞

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