With Corona, English You Need to Know Before Traveling Abroad

Sep 24, 2021

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Self-quarantine, Second Jab, Negative...
These Words Might Be Familar to You in Your Mother Language. Do You Know What They Mean?🤯

Try making a sentence in English with the words 'second jab','negative test result', 'self-quarantine', and 'leave the country'. Did your mind go blank too? Here's an example of a sentence! "If you've gotten your second jab, and have a negative test result for coronavirus, you can leave the country without self-quarantine." In the With Corona era, you might need to know how to say all this in English. You don't want to unnecessarily put in self-quarantine after failing to explain yourself during Immigration. We hope that this never happens to you..💦 Anyways, am I the only one who's excited to think about speaking English when traveling abroad?

🔶 Just Remember the Word 'Negative'

If you've ever been tested for COVID-19, you might have conversations about your test results. But do you know how to say it in English? Here's an example. "Did you get the test results yet?", "Yes,I'm negative." When you don't have the coronavirus, you use the word 'negative'. On the other hand, (We hope you never have to say it😢) if you have the coronavirus, you use the word 'positive'. You can simply say, I'm negative. or say I have tested negative for the virus..

I got a text that says I'm negative for the virus. 👌

🔶 Does This Hashtag '#Quarantine' Look Familiar?

The word "quarantine" is one of the many new words that many people have started to use during the pandemic. Historically, in the event of a epidemic, people with symptoms were isolated to prevent the spread of the virus. The word quarantine is an ancient French word that means about 40 days. When Black Death was prevalent in Europe, ships that arrived at a port was quarantined for about 40 days and were allowed to enter the village if there were no signs of sickness. If the quarantine period was still 40 days, the dalgona coffee trend/challenge might have started a lot faster.👀

He had to spend 14 days in quarantine after returning to Korea. 👌

🔶 I Have a Slight Fever After My Second Jab!

Depending on your vaccination, you might need to get vaccinated once or twice. In English, the word 'dose' is often used when mentioning medicine and is also used when mentioning vaccines. Or maybe the words 'shot' or 'jab' might seem more familar to you! When mentioning vaccines, people tend to also talk about 'side effects'. A 'slight fever', or 'muscle pain' are a few of the common symptoms after getting vaccinated. I also had some muscle pain after getting vaccinated, but I was still felt thankful that a vaccine existed.🥳

It is important to get both first and second doses to get fully vaccinated. 👌

Will this really help me study English?😞

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