Feel Scared To Take a Taxi Abroad?🤭

Feb 18, 2022

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Are You Silent After Saying Your Destination?
Then Learn These Useful Expressions! 🚕

From 'How much is the fare to OO?' to 'I’m running late for my flight. Could you please take the quickest route to the airport?'. Say goodbye to taking taxi rides in silence..⭐️ Trust me, these expressions will definitely be useful one day when you’re traveling abroad! Now let’s take a look!

💸How Much Is the Typical Fare?

First, 'taxi fare' is the money a customer needs to pay for a journey in a taxi. What might scare you the most when you take a taxi abroad is probably the fare, right? (Have you experienced this before too..?🙋🏻‍♀️) Especially if your destination or the airport is located outside the city, it's always good to check the estimated fare before you take the taxi. Before you get in, try asking, 'How much is the typical taxi fare to the airport?' You’ll feel a lot more prepared once you know the typical fare!

Running Late for Your Flight?🥲 Please Hurry

Of course, to get somewhere on time, it's best to leave early, but if I did, I wouldn't have taken a taxi! When you need to get somewhere on time, don’t just say, 'No time!' Instead, try saying, 'Could you take me to the airport? I'm in a hurry. Please take the quickest route.' or simply, 'Please hurry. I'm late.'

You’ve Passed by My Destination! Please Turn Around!

If you're close to your destination, you might prepare to get off the taxi. If you want to get off, you can say the expression, 'Let me off here, please'. Don’t panic if the taxi driver drives past your destination. Stay calm and say, 'I missed it. Would you mind turning around?' The driver will drive you to your destination. If you want to make sure you’ve arrived properly, a good way to double-check is to say, 'Are you sure this is OOO (destination)?'🙌

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