Mar 3, 2022

I Might Not Get Better at Investing but I Want to Get Better at English😭 Stock Related English Expressions

"Are We in a Bear Market..? HODL!"
You Might Lose Your Money, but You Won’t Lose Your English Skills🤣

Many investors are in tears due to the unstable international situation.🥲 Improving your English skills might actually be a lot easier than increasing your portfolio income. That’s why RedKiwi would like to introduce you to some topics related to the stock market. Just invest 3 minutes of your time and improve the quality of your English!

🎢 The Stock Market Is on a Roller Coaster

A ‘bull market’ is a sustained period, usually months or years, when stock prices rise. On the other hand, a ‘bear market’ is a sustained period, usually months or years, when stock prices fall. These terms are thought by some to derive from the way in which the bull attacks its opponent. That is, a bull will thrust its horns up into the air, while a bear will swipe down.

"The current bear market won't last for a long time📉"

🥶Stocks Won't Fall Forever!

Stocks are affected by a variety of factors. Stocks that were rising today might take a plunge tomorrow. Stocks that have hit rock-bottom prices sometimes rise to make a comeback in half a day. The term ‘bounce back’ is used to refer to when stock prices fall and then rise again. It can also be used to mean ‘return to the previous state.’ The term 'take a plunge' is used to refer to a sharp decline. To plunge also means to ‘jump or dive quickly and energetically.’ I don’t even want to imagine my stock prices plunging.

"Stocks bounced back on earnings."

🙋🏻‍♀️If You’re a Stockholder, You Should Know This

f you own stock of a company, that means that you are a 'stockholder'. Companies are obliged to share their profit with their stockholders. This profit shared with stockholders is called a 'dividend'. That means the more stock you own, means the more dividend you receive, right? Then how should you count the number of stock you own? That’s correct! You use the word 'share'. For example, 'I'm going to buy 20 shares.' I don’t know why, but this sentence just feels so smart(?).🥺

"Dividends will be sent to shareholders on March 31.💰"



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