You Might Need To Write Emails in English More Often Than You Imagine📝

Mar 10, 2022

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If you can’t hold a meeting in English
communicate through email!👏

Personally, I find that people who write emails well usually work well too. Did you know it’s actually not that difficult?👀 With a few tips, you can write emails in English too! Let’s take a look at some English expressions that you can use at your workspace!

If you got stuck writing the title🤯

When I was younger, I remember writing self-introductions in the title of my emails. The title should be written simply and clearly so that the reader can predict the content of the email. Also, it's better to write it in a word format, not in a sentence format. Let's take a look at some templates.
-Request for Quotation
-Inquiry about your service
-Invitation for March 10th conference
-Urgent request concerning OO

👤 What should I call the recipient..?

Usually, we use 'Dear'. This applies to business emails as well. However, if the recipient is not a person, but a specific department, you should write 'Dear Customer Service' instead of 'Dear Mr.' or 'Dear Mrs.’! But what if the recipient isn’t specified?🤔 In that case, use 'To whom it may concern' and it will be the perfect opening for your email!

💌What the sender wants: A quick reply

The sentence 'Please reply as soon as possible.' might sound too oppressive. Even though the word 'please' was used, it isn’t the best choice for a business email. If you would like to request a quick reply, try using the following sentence instead!

I would appreciate it if you reply to me as soon as possible.
I would be grateful if you could send me an email.

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