Do You Know How To Get a Haircut in English?💇‍♀️

Apr 1, 2022

3 mins

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Do you turn silent at hair salons?
Ask for the style you want in English!✨

Surprisingly, we visit hair salons while traveling abroad more often than we imagine. Especially during long trips. However, does your mind go blank when you open the door? Are 'haircut' and 'short' the only words that you can think of?🥲 If all you really wanted to say was "Please trim the ends of my hair.", make sure to pay attention! Here are some expressions that you can use at hair salons! Learn them all in less than 3 minutes!🔥

💇‍♀️Make various requests!

After you sit down at the hair salon, the hair designer will usually ask you this. 'How would you like your hair cut?' If you just want to slightly fix your hair a little bit, you can use the word 'trim' to say 'I want to trim my hair a little.'. The word 'trim' means to cut out unnecessary parts. Do you think you have too much hair? Then you can use the word 'thin out' to say 'Please thin out my hair'✂️

👩‍🦰What’s a root touch-up?

Does the expression 'I want to change my hair color' sound right to you? There’s actually a better expression to use! Use the word 'dye'and say 'I'd like to dye my hair.' instead! When you get your hair dyed then you usually need to dye the root of your hair again because your old hair color shows as your hair grows. If you simply use the words 'root touch-up', you can sound like a native👍

👀Useful expressions that you can use 200%

Doesn't everyone have their own hair parting ratio? I have one too. You can use the word 'part' to express hair parting. If you want to part your hair on the right side, you can say 'Put the part on the right, please.' Sometimes your hair might be dry or damaged so you might need some special care! In that case, you can say 'I need hair treatment.' and ask for some special care!✨

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