Apr 8, 2022

You’ll Use This Expression at a Restaurant More Than 10 Times! ‘Can I Get It To Go?’

Which English Expressions Are Used the Most at Restaurants While Traveling?

Two things that come to mind are asking for food without some ingredients🌱 and asking to take out leftover food!👀 Take a look at these expressions and you’ll be able to use them more than 10 times at restaurants. Let’s learn English used in 'real life’ together!

🤣Excuse Me, Could You Leave Out the Cilantro?...

So, you might ask, are coriander and cilantro the same thing? In the US, ‘cilantro’ is the name for the plant's leaves and stem that usually goes in food, while ‘coriander’ is the name for its dried seeds. So if you don’t like or can’t eat cilantro, make sure to say "Could you make it (=the food you’re ordering) without cilantro, please?" when you order! Simply you can also say, "No cilantro, please."🌱🙅‍♀️

🥡Can I Take Out My Left-over Food?

I remember learning or seeing the word 'left-over' regarding food. You might wonder, should I ask 'Can I take the left-over?'🤔 The waiter/waitress might understand you, but let’s learn a more commonly used expression instead. Say "Can I get this (=food) to go" while pointing at the food you want to take away, and you’ll sound perfect!👍

🍽Can I Get an Extra Plate?

When traveling, you usually want to try as many new things as possible. So it’s common to order different menus and share them. You might be used to getting an extra plate where you live, but sometimes you’ll need to ask for one. If you need a flat dish, you should ask for a 'plate'. If you need a dish to share food like soup, you should ask for a 'bowl'. Remember to say this, "Can I get an extra plate (bowl)?"🙋🏻‍♀️

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