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Apr 15, 2022

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These Expressions Sound Familiar..
but I Don’t Understand Them🥲

When two or more words are combined to create a new meaning that is completely different from the original meaning of the words, these expressions are called idioms. Native speakers actually use idioms very often while speaking. If you know how to use one or two idioms, it’ll make you look like a master of English! RedKiwi has introduced the idiom category for the first time in all English apps (We’re Sure!) 🔥 I'll introduce you to a few of them as a preview🥰

🛌 Sleep Tight? Sleep in a Firm Position...?

How can sleep tight mean 'Good Night'? There are actually many different stories about the origin. Some people say it’s because people slept in mattresses made out of straw. Straw mattresses were tied to the frame of the bed to keep it steady... (Continued)

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🙋🏻‍♀️ Boycott Was Actually a Name?

To boycott means for people to engage in a concerted refusal to have dealings with a person, an organization, or company, etc. But did you know that the word boycott originates from a name? A British man 'Captain Charles Cunningham Boycott' was in charge of collecting rent from people who rented land from nobles... (Continued)

🔥So Boycott did what..? Learn more by watching now! (Just 1 Minute)🔥

☝️How Badminton and the Expression Keep It up Are Related

'Keep it up!' is a very frequently used idiom by native speakers. It doesn’t mean to keep something in the air, or above you, but it actually means for you to “keep doing what you are doing”. This expression actually originates from playing badminton... (Continued)

🔥Then what about ‘keep it down’? Learn more by watching now! (Just 1 Minute)🔥

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