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Jun 17, 2022

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You might know hot and cold, but..
what about 'freezing' and 'chilly'? 🤔

Have you ever seen a weather forecast broadcast in English?⛈ There are actually more expressions related to weather than you can imagine. RedKiwi will help you familiarize yourself with some expressions you might use someday. After reading this, try watching the weather forecast broadcast again. You’ll discover yourself understanding the expressions✨

🥶It's quite chilly outside, Bring a coat!

Let's start with an expression used to ask about the weather. "What's the weather like today?” Let’s say it's extremely cold, about minus 10 degrees. Don't just use "cold"👀 Instead, use 'freezing cold', meaning that you feel like you might freeze to death, or use 'below freezing' to express that the weather is below zero. If it isn’t that cold, you can use 'chilly'. Here’s an example of how to use it!✨

It's quite chilly outside, Bring a coat!🧥

☔️Rain is forecast for the whole week.😹

When talking about information you heard in the weather forecast, you can say, "I heard from the forecast that..." or "The forecast says...". It's used a lot in everyday life, so try to remember it!🙌 You can also say, "(weather) is forecast for this Monday". Take a look at the example.

Rain/Snow is forecast for this week.😹

💡The Expression Weather Forecasters Use the Most: ‘Likely To’

Weather forecasters use the expression 'be likely to' very often, to indicate a possibility. The weather is very subject to change, so they can’t be 100% sure.😃 How about we take a look at the expressions they use on TV?😎

Some areas are likely to have snow today. We're likely to have thunder tonight. The sea is likely to be stormy today.

Will this really help me study English?😞

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