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Feb 8, 2023

Types of People at Karaoke! English Expressions To Use at Karaoke Night

Don’t Miss Out on This Article if You Love Karaoke

If you go to karaoke, you might get to the sides of a person you never knew. Someone who breaks the mood by pressing the "cancel" button while trying to book the next song 🤷 Someone who’s overexcited and cuts into your song, singing without a microphone. 😂 Someone who chooses a song that everyone can sing along with. 🎤 What kind of person are you at karaoke?

🎤 How To Say “My Favorite Song” in English?

Everyone has a favorite karaoke song deep down in their heart...🌟 Then, what would be a good expression to use? ”Karaoke staple?” It isn’t wrong, but a more general expression would be go-to song. The expression Go-to means to "enjoy often", "favorite". It can be used to express all of your other favorite things as well!

"Let It Go" is my go-to song! 👌

🎧 Songs that Everyone Can Sing Along to!

When I go to karaoke, I like to pick songs that bring back memories, so all my friends can sing along. But that also means I need to fight for the microphone 😂 These songs that bring back memories are called throwback songs in English. What is your throwback song?🤔

I love listening to throwback songs! I think the meaning of songs is so meaningful! 👌

🧟 Watch Out! Don’t Become the Karaoke Villain

You waited for the hook... but somebody presses the cancel button!!!💢 Have you ever made a similar mistake before? Breaking the mood at a karaoke, can be expressed as buzzkill. Buzz means "atmosphere of excitement and activity", or simply a “fun vibe". To ruin(=kill) that excitement, fun vibe is called buzzkill.

Oh my, his choice at the karaoke was definitely a buzzkill. 👌

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